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European Simultaneous Pairs

It is not long now to the European Simultaneous Pairs – there will be two sessions, played on Monday 25th and Wednesday 27thNovember and clubs can play on either day (or both !).

The material is all sent out by email, as a zip file, directly to the clubs involved and it is great fun, with the event being scored using internet so that a result is obtained quickly – the players really enjoy it and the more participants there are, the more fun it is! European Master Points are awarded for the event as well, as an added incentive.

The entry fee is just 4 Euro per player, payable after the event – the payment instructions will be included in the zip file of material. And as the NBO you get 1 Euro Credit against your annual dues for each participating player from your country.

Please contact your clubs as quickly as you can so that they can enter this fun event – all they need to do is to email me with the following information:

  • The name of the Club
  • The country
  • The name and email address of the person designated to receive the material

It is as simple as that ! Then I can email the file to them.

Full details of the event can be found at: 

The scoring is done using the ECatsBridge system which many clubs are already familiar with. A lot of scoring programs already work with our system, but if they need one we suggest they download Jeff Smith’s program, which is free. Alternatively if they have their own software they can easily write an interface that works with the system. Details are all on the site.

It is so easy for clubs to organise heats, and I do hope you can email them and ask them to participate so that we have a really good turnout this year. That is all you need to do – just contact them and tell them to get in touch with me, and I will do the rest!

Do encourage as many clubs to participate as possible, please – remember 1 Euro per player is returned to the NBO as credit against next year’s dues, so the more players you have, the lower your countries dues will be !

With best regards,

Anna Gudge